Stephanie “Thunder Dancer” Seger is creating Shamanic Healing and Deep Transformational events

Grain of sand

$1 /mo
Just as a beach is made up of a thousand grains of sand, you can do your part by contributing $1 a month. It's only $12 a year, and it helps contribute to gas money, art supplies, and that extra dr...

Handful of sand

$5 /mo
Just as a beach is made up of a thousand grains of sand, you are helping unlock the flow by contributing a handful of sands to what will become a beach. This means that the teachings, drums, or son...

The Shoreline

$10 /mo
Wow! You are awesome! Thank you for contributing consistently and showing your support by being the direct border that helps bring in the change we are trying to manifest in this world! You are cho...

The Beach

$20 /mo
Wow! Not only are you adding to the shoreline, but you're contributing to a large portion of a sustainable practice! Now that the resources are flowing in, Eagle Therapies will be able to output mo...

The River

$40 /mo
Well Jeepers, Batman! Thank you for your contribution!

The river flows out to meet the sea. This is the beginning of the flow, but a very vital part of the process! As we collect the...


The Ocean

$100 /mo
Holy Guacamole! You really are a big mover, shaker, and thunder creator! Let's make big changes and big shifts in this world as we navigate the rapids together. With your contribution, this helps a...