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Hi, we're Liz and Leela, an author and a street dog who found each other whilst sailing! We're entering the world of canal boats and living on Britain's waterways! Follow our journey as we restore and refit our canal boat on a tiny budget! We'll be hanging around North Kilworth Wharf with some colourful characters restoring their own boats as we prepare for this new adventure. As a Patron you get exclusive early access, read secret blogs, freebies and unseen vids!

Find us at- 
Website: https://www.earlewrites.com
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/earlewrites
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/earlewrites

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THANK YOU! Thank you so much for supporting me in this writing journey of mine! It means the world!
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Most of my work is fueled by tea! Now I can have a brew whilst I edit and makes videos!

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WOW! Thank you so much for supporting me!
You guys get early access to all videos, podcasts and blogs before anyone else!

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Goodness gracious! This makes an absolute difference in helping Leela and I go towards our monthly marina fees for the canal boat. It also helps with buying painting materials so we can create more art work. 

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Thanks guys! This will go towards our refit and to buy materials to make things on our shop!

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SHAZAM! Your contribution really goes a long way in enabling us to restore Papageno. Already with your donation we can afford some much needed supplies to fix our ancient wiring! 

You get:

1x Papageno Bracelet

1x Limited Edition Signed Print every month!

You will receive access to previous perks, extra videos and surprise goodies in the post!

$275 of $500 per creation
We'll be able to start releasing an episode a week as we work on Papageno, covering her shipyard fees as we fix her masts, rigging and everything else to get her in the water!
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