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We offer you our humble thanks, your willingness to provide even the slightest monetary support will help reduce the production timeline of the creation and release of the world we are longing to introduce.
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A second thank you. Thank you. With each bit together we can build this world a bit faster a bit easier and more importantly a bit faster! We seriously have so many stories and characters we absolutely want to share.
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Cool people, giving us more to have us fetch more updates and more story progress. Every journey starts with a few errands right?




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About Earth Tau

Thank you for visiting our Patreon. We are a group of creators focused on the strange world of Heroes.

The world is full of super people. Some are super good, some are super bad and some are super at paying their bills. In any world with this many super people you are bound to get problems; super problems that need super solutions. Well sort of. Sometimes your problems are as simple as rent and having to visit your parents, your super parents.
Be them big or small, crisis is all around and it is up to you and your super team to solve the problems before they get super out of control.

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Getting Started.
Woo we actually did it. We are officially underway. At this level we would have enough income to keep the art trickling in. This would help to maintain a regular update, like one a month.
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