Easy Allies is creating Video Game Streams and Shows

Cup of Jones

$1 /mo
At the entry level, you’ll gain access to any Patreon-exclusive shows, like “Cup of Jones,” an ongoing editorial from Brandon Jones, and a behind-the-scenes look at what the Allies are up to. You c...

Early Access

$5 /mo
With this pledge you’ll get early access to the Easy Allies Podcast. Your questions and comments on our Patreon page will be included in the show.  In addition to the Easy Allies Podcast, $5 patron...

The Easy Allies Film Club

$7 /mo
-Early access to The Easy Allies Movie Podcast.

-Ian’s (Ever-Growing) Favorite Movies List

-Huber’s (Ever-Growing) Favorite Movies List

-Your comments/questions/discussion topics e...


Community Showcase Video

$10 /mo
You can participate in our Community Showcase. Once a month we’ll highlight comments, art, music, photos, videos, games, Gundams, etc. from the Patrons at this tier in a live stream.

Live Q&A

$20 /mo
Once a month we’ll host a live Q&A, exclusively with this tier of backers. Join the conversation directly and help us make our stuff better. Or ask us really embarrassing questions. Your call. ...

Podcast Producer

$25 /mo
You will become an official producer of the Easy Allies podcast. Your name will be included in the credits of the show and Brandon will mention you, by name, at the end of one episode a month. You’...

Digital Fan Mail

$50 /mo
We’ll send you personalized, digital fan mail every month. You’ll never know what you’re going to get, but it’ll be for your eyes only. Unless you show it to everyone, but why would you do that? Yo...

Blood Pact

$60 /mo
Join Daniel Bloodworth in a close knit book-club style group. Each week we'll make a Patreon post to get the conversation flowing, culminating with the members of the group choosing a game to strea...

Dungeons & Dragons Party

$200 /mo
Wow, must be nice. Each patron at this level is at the mercy of Dungeon Master Ben Moore, becoming a part of their own Dungeon & Dragons adventure with up to three other fans each month.

Frame Trap Sponsor

$250 /mo
HOTTAKE! At this tier, you're an official sponsor of Frame Trap. You'll sponsor the "forbidden word" of each episode which kicks off a fun, brief trivia game. Your name or company name will be read...

Podcast Sponsor

$500 /mo
At this level, you’ll become an official sponsor of our streams and shows. Your name, or company name, will be read aloud during every episode of our podcast. Certain restrictions apply, obviously.


$700 /mo
If you’ve ever wanted to sponsor both Frame Trap and the Easy Allies Podcast, this limited slot will give you both at a $50 discount and bestow you with “mega-status.” Note that when the slot for t...