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About Ebnafit


I am a filmmaker.  I am a photographer.  I am a musician.  In simple terms, I am an artist.  It has been a long journey to figure out exactly what I want to do.  Most artists figure it out at a young age and pursue their art into college, only to be destroyed by student loan debt.  After college, most artists have to face the real world and get a "real" job to support themselves.  They usually give up on their art because, let's face it, it doesn't pay the bills.  

But here I am.  It wasn't until after I turned twenty five (you read that right) that I realized I wanted to be in the entertainment world with with the visual arts and music.  Like stated before, most artists do not get paid enough to make content full time.  So I took my second passion, fitness, and have been working hard on becoming an ACE Certified Personal trainer.  So I decided to combine my love for music and photography/film with my passion for fitness.  I have a small following on Instagram and feel like it is time to take the big step and become a full time...  wait for it...  online filmmaker and personal trainer.  But how?

For that, there is Patreon.  This is a platform for you to be able to make a contribution to me, the personal trainer and photographer/filmmaker, and get detailed workout videos,   some entertaining skits, and dance videos.  


  With every different amount, you get special perks/rewards.  Some of the perks include behind the scenes videos and exclusive content.  The amounts vary from one dollar to one hundred dollars a month.


I would like iterate that I do not want any patrons going broke on my behalf. 

I thank each and every one of you that do sign up.  Check the video to go over the same stuff you just read and maybe a little more.
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When I reach this goal, I start doing skype interviews with my patrons only.
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