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About EctopicFantast

I really like comics. Reaaaaaaally like comics. I'm even making some comics on Webtoons and Tapas! My current mainly-active series is Two Is An Attempted Murder, which is an incredibly self-indulgent fanfiction comic about my transman Dalish Elf and his adventures in trying to save the world of Ferelden. 

I like to make a mix of comics based off of gaming experiences, personal experiences, LARP, or concepts that personally interest me. 

Sometimes I draw commissions! Or I even livestream on Picarto though that's rather rare as of late. Most of my comics are done with entirely traditional means; pencils, ink, paper, and felt markers. Your monetary support helps ensure I can keep affording to live and buy new supplies whenever I burn a pen to the ground, or consume an entire sketchbook.

If you'd like to support me as I continue farting out pages, here is the place! And thank you so much! Even just a dollar means a lot to me, for my various neurodivergent shenanigans makes it really hard for me to juggle a full time job on top of doing art. I am currently part-time and minimum wage, which means living as frugally as I can in the name of comic-making. A dollar really can make a difference for me. Especially as my medical+hormones expenses swallow up a chunk of my funds just to keep me sane and balanced. Life, yo.

But when everything is in balance, COMICS AHOY! Let's both enjoy whatever I can make!

Happy reading!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts