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Behind The Scenes

$1 /creation
Get a patron-only perspective on my work.
  • Behind-the-scenes pics and videos
  • Patrons get updates on work before anywhere else
  • Patron-only polls

Early Access

$5 /creation
Check out my latest songs before anyone else!
  • Early access to my latest songs
  • Sneak peek of upcoming work
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Private Stream Lesson

$10 /creation
Join me for a streamed lesson on a specific topic. Tips on any instrument I play, vibrato, tone, phrasing, soloing etc. Each tip will be approximately 10 minutes.

Voicemail Greeting

$20 /creation
Want me to greet people who call you? I'll record a voicemail greeting just for you.
  • Will record and send a custom voicemail greeting
  • Plus all previous rewards

Full Lesson Video

$50 /creation
I'll record a full lesson video on the topic of your choice in hi res audio and HD video.

Take a Solo!

$100 /creation
I'll record a solo on your track. I'll provide 2 or 3 high quality wav files of different takes.

Song Mix

$200 /creation
I will mix your song. This includes one round of change notes.

Produce Mix Master

$500 /creation
I produce, mix and master your song.

Play Produce Mix Master

$1,000 /creation
I'll play any instrument(s) produce, mix and master your song.