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About Ed Privat

Singer, Musician, Producer, Crypto enthusiast and Musicoin Global Ambassador.
I am Ed Privat, a singer-songwriter, producer and musician based in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Very influenced by the new waves of Lofi artists and DYI music that emerged in the late 2000's, I like to find my groove in contemporary music, particularly Soul music, and Jazz.
Here is what I think about what we are doing here:
"Blockchain technology really enable musicians all around the world and allow us to share music, earn, but most importantly, becoming the artists that we were meant to be."


I still do sometimes song requests on Steemit (blockchain social media) that I post on all decentralized platform (and sometimes Youtube too)


I am currently working actively on another blockchain platfrom called Musicoin, raising awareness on this emerging technology and how it can enables independent artists to take their career to the next level.
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Why not doing a small live concert if we reach it!
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