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Egalitarian Feminism at, aka EgaFem, believes in women's impact and agency. We believe women should be treated as adults, with equal responsiblity to men. It is time society stopped belittling women, and started expecting women to empower themselves.

If you believe it is time for society to stop treating women as pathetic little victims, special cases, weaklings who can't succeed without automatically having a leg up, and delicate little flowers who needs constant protection, please support our work.

If you believe the war on women, the institutionalised sexism that spreads a systematic message that women should be in constant fear of men needs to end, help us raise awareness and show women they are strong, that they can act, not only be objects to be acted upon.

The money will go towards creators time and effort, allow more content to be created, and pay for equipment for additional content and improved quality.

We hope to keep the content free at the point of use, and we will continue to dedicate as much as we can to EgaFem - but your financial support will make a huge difference.

What will be 'free' and 'paid for' content?

Paid content requires extra time and effort such as extensive editing and research. Examples include articles that cite data and required research, summary videos, and videos that require extensive editing to bring multiple sources of footage together. Content that cost money will also be included, such as paying for services to improve the quality.

Free content requires only time and a small amount of effort.  Examples include opinion pieces, livestreams, let's play videos.

Although it all takes time and effort, some takes more than others. Quality content should be recognised and encouraged. This will promote EgaFem to concentrate on quality rather than quantity to ensure you get useful content from us.

However, if there is particular content you wish to see more of (e.g. more opinion pieces, livestreams etc), and wish to be included as paid content to encourage them please let us know and we can change the 'paid' and 'free' boundary over time.

To see what the money is spent on, see the Funding page on the website:
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Blaise Wilson had paid for equipment out of her own money. We hope to pay her back.
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