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Hey, friend! 
I'm EhOkayCosplay! I'm a gender non-conforming student who loves to create, and I'd love to take you on that journey with me! <3

If you love anime, video games & memes, you've come to the right place! My tiers are designed to be affordable with awesome rewards. If you're wondering whether it'll be worth it to support me, feel free to take a look at my free blog and get a taste of what to expect. 
Why Patreon?
I'd like to pursue cosplay, prop-making and other creative endeavours professionally. Patreon is the first step in that process! 

What kind of content can I expect to see from you?
You'll see video tutorials, progress photos, exclusive photos (can include selfies, makeup tests, and even behind-the-scenes photos!), patterns, polls and what I call "journal entries". As a Patron, you'll get an inside look into my creative process -- something I don't show anywhere else! You'll see projects from the planning stages, to my doodles and general thoughts, to mock-ups, to final product! :D

Will I get anything in return for supporting you?
Yes! Please check out my rewards tiers above (or at the side, depending on what patreon shows you). I have a bunch of rewards for supporters in all 3 tiers. 

Can I cancel anytime?
Yes, again! If you're not comfortable paying a set amount monthly, please consider my Ko-Fi :D On Ko-Fi you can pledge 1 "coffee" ($3 CAD) once and receive a couple of rewards as well. There's no commitment involved and you can pledge whenever you'd like. Patreon is for folks who would like to: 
1) Receive more rewards
2) Receive rewards more consistently
3) Have access to exclusive content I produce
4) Support me in a more intimate setting and a more engaged context!

What's the catch?
No catch! The only "fine print" is that all prices are in USD... and I, unfortunately, do not have control over the currency used (05/09/20 update: I have the option to use either pounds, euros or US dollars. I will continue to use USD bc it's easier for me. Thank you for understanding!). Before you pledge, you will be brought to a checkout screen and shown a breakdown of your pledge (cost, when you'll pay, etc.).

If you have ANY questions, comments and/or concerns, feel free to DM me on Instagram (@EhOkayCosplay)!

0 of 5 patrons
When we reach 5 patrons, all patrons will receive the pattern for Eirika's sword, Storm Sieglinde! Everyone will get a thank you at the bottom of the pattern PDF :3
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 34 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 34 exclusive posts

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