is creating military related speed drawing videos
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You, my friends, are able to see what I post, that others can not see. Some things that I draw, don't and up in a Video, but I will post pictures of these. 

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So, I will do a challange from time to time and you will be able to participate. Just send me a screenshot of a game I will name when the time has come (for example "Post Scriptum", "Rising Storm II" or "Warthunder") and then I will choose one screenshot between all those that you send to me and draw the best one. 

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You will be able to see and download scans of my pictures, so you can print them and put them on your wall or whatever you want to do with it. Except selling it.




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About Eisenhirn

Hello stranger,

welcome to my patreon page. I'm Eisenhirn from Germany. In the real world I go by the Name Benny. Since I was a child drawing was always one of my big passions. My grandfather and I used to draw together, when I was in primary school. He survived World War II while he lived in Berlin, so he had a lot of pictures in his head, that were war related. So he drew a tank or a plane for example and I copied it. Thats basically how I learned to draw. Later I copied pictures from encyclopedias - tanks, planes and weapons most of the time. And till now I kind of stuck to that, except for the fact, that I like to draw faces and forests the most, now.

A few years ago I decided, that I want to use the opportunity of sharing my work with the world via Youtube.
From that point of view it's an amazing time we are living in, because we never had these opportunities of sharing art, as we do nowaday. And right now you have the opportunity to actively support me and my work.

My drawings are related to military stuff, so I draw and paint Soldiers and Vehicles and so on.
Of course you can make suggestions of what you would like to see, just comment on my Youtube-Channel or here.
Maybe you have someone in your family that was a soldier once ore still is and you would like a portrait of him/her? Go on, send me a picture and maybe I make a video of how I draw and paint it. Or you saw a picture on the internet which you found pretty cool and you want to see me make a painting out of it, then here I am.

Patreon-Supporters can send me any picture they would like me to draw and I'll do it, as long as it is related to military stuff.
The more support I receive, the more I can create. Patreon is a huge help when it comes to save up for better equipment and materials I can use in my videos.

I want to end with a thank you to every single one of you who watch my videos and contribute to my work in any way! By watching my videos, pressing that like button on Youtube, writing comments, or by a contribution here on Patreon, any way to show your support is much appreciated.

Thank you!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts