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About ElJII

Hi, I made this BOT just to turn on / open songs in ur servers. -ElJII

You can invite ElJII on your server with this link :

you can also join ElJII on HIS server ( 30+ members ) :

 .blacklist - Add or remove users to the blacklist. Blacklisted users are forbidden from using bot commands. usage =  .blacklist [ + | - | add | remove ] @UserName [@UserName2 ...]

- .clean
- Removes up to [range] messages the bot has posted in chat. Default: 50, Max: 1000.
usage =  .clean [range]

- .clear
- Clears the playlist. usage = .clear

- .disconnect
- Forces the bot leave the current voice channel. usage = .disconnect

- .help
- Prints a help message. If a command is specified, it prints a help message for that command. Otherwise, it lists the available commands. usage = .help [command]

- .id
- Tells the user their id or the id of another user. usage = .id [@user]

- .joinserver
- Asks the bot to join a server. Note: Bot accounts cannot use invite links. 
usage = .joinserver invite_link

- .karaoke
- Activates karaoke mode. During karaoke mode, only groups with the BypassKaraokeMode permission in the config file can queue music. usage = .karaoke

- .leaveserver
- Forces the bot to leave a server. When providing names, names are case-sensitive. usage =  .leaveserver <name id=""></name>

- .listids
- Lists the ids for various things. Categories are: all, users, roles, channels.
usage = .listids [categories]

- .np
- Displays the current song in chat. usage = .np

- .option
- Changes a config option without restarting the bot. Changes aren't permanent and only last until the bot is restarted. To make permanent changes, edit the config file. Valid options: autoplaylist, save_videos, now_playing_mentions, auto_playlist_random, auto_pause, delete_messages, delete_invoking, write_current_song For information about these options, see the option's comment in the config file. usage = .option [option] [on/y/enabled/off/n/disabled]

- .pause
- Pauses playback of the current song. usage = .pause

- .perms
- Sends the user a list of their permissions, or the permissions of the user specified.
usage = .perms [@user]

- .play
- Adds the song to the playlist. If a link is not provided, the first result from a youtube search is added to the queue. If enabled in the config, the bot will also support Spotify URIs, however it will use the metadata (e.g song name and artist) to find a YouTube equivalent of the song. Streaming from Spotify is not possible.
usage =  .play song_link
                .play text to search for
                .play spotify_uri

- .pldump
- Dumps the individual urls of a playlist. usage =  .pldump url

- .queue
- Prints the current song queue. usage = .queue

- .remove
- Removes queued songs. If a number is specified, removes that song in the queue, otherwise removes the most recently queued song. usage = .remove [# in queue]

- .resetplaylist
- Resets all songs in the server's autoplaylist. usage = .resetplaylist

- .restart
- Restarts the bot. Will not properly load new dependencies or file updates unless fully shutdown and restarted. usage = .restart

- .resume
- Resumes playback of a paused song. usage = .resume

- .save
- Saves the specified song or current song if not specified to the autoplaylist.
usage = .save [ url ]

- .search
- Searches a service for a video and adds it to the queue. - service: any one of the following services: - youtube (yt) (default if unspecified) - soundcloud (sc) - yahoo (yh) - number: return a number of video results and waits for user to choose one - defaults to 3 if unspecified - note: If your search query starts with a number, you must put your query in quotes - ex: .search 2 "I ran seagulls" The command issuer can use reactions to indicate their response to each result.
usage = .search [service] [number] query

- .setavatar
- Changes the bot's avatar. Attaching a file and leaving the url parameter blank also works. usage = .setavatar [url]

- .setname
- Changes the bot's username. Note: This operation is limited by discord to twice per hour. usage = .setname name

- .setnick
- Changes the bot's nickname. usage = .setnick nick

- .shuffle
- Shuffles the server's queue. usage = .shuffle

- .shutdown
- Disconnects from voice channels and closes the bot process. usage = .shutdown

- .stream
- Enqueue a media stream. This could mean an actual stream like Twitch or shoutcast, or simply streaming media without predownloading it. Note: FFmpeg is notoriously bad at handling streams, especially on poor connections. You have been warned. usage = .stream song_link

- .summon
- Call the bot to the summoner's voice channel. usage = .summon

- .volume
- Sets the playback volume. Accepted values are from 1 to 100. Putting + or - before the volume will make the volume change relative to the current volume. usage =  .volume (+/-)[volume].

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“It’s just pathetic to give up on something before you even give it a shot.” – Reiko Mikami
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