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About Elder Tales

About Game
(Всё об игре на русском языке вы можете посмотреть на нашем сайте - eldertales.ru)
Our goal is to show the world of "Elder Tales" 350 years before the events of the animated series Log Horizon. You will plunge into the first days of the appearance of this universe, get acquainted with its myths and legends. Remember how the birth of adventurers began, and what led to the decline of the Alves! Change the course of history!

In the fantasy world of "Elder Tales" the cultures of Europe and Asia of the Middle Ages coexist. It is filled with magic and technology. During beta testing, an apocalypse occurs, many cities become abandoned and dilapidated. You will need to restore forgotten technologies both from the time of the Alves, and after their heyday.

The game Elder Tales belongs to the genre of multiplayer role-playing game (MMORPG) with elements of strategy and economic component.

Game features
  • The time of day is important! When day and night change, the resources, strength and activity of monsters change, other monsters may even appear. Elder Tales has a cycle time of four hours.
  • Players can create a unique character by customizing the initial look and features such as voice. The character of the character depends on these settings, some choices in the dialogs will change, as well as, for example, culinary preferences.
  • Non-player characters live their lives, travel, constantly update products, pave trade routes. These are by no means the usual “statues” with animations that we are used to in other MMORPGs.
  • Reputation affects the player’s relationship with the outside world, allowing you to receive new tasks, discover new events and dialogs with characters! In addition, it affects the economy of the game.
  • You can worship the gods of both the Japanese pantheon and others.
  • The unique mechanics of creating weapons.
  • Dynamic events: meteorites falling, bandits trying to rob a player and much more.
  • The ability to explore the game world without restrictions on the level and tasks.
  • An unusual approach to obtaining resources and crafts. The production of resources and the creation of items depends on the player’s experiments.
  • Non-linear story with many endings.
  • Purchase of houses, mines and other resource-mining enterprises. You can open your store, fully equip, using a variety of shop windows. Land purchase, construction of houses and fortresses. Reconstruction of the ancient ruins.
  • The war between the clans, the battle for the land, as well as for the manufacture and favor of the people of the earth.
  • The impact of the economy: market prices will affect the value of certain items; the market is independent, and supply and demand is formed by players. Shortage of essentials.
  • Each opponent, including bosses, poses a serious threat. Players will have to develop joint strategies for victory.
  • Players can pave trade routes, create caravans, attack them.

Contact Links
  • eldertales.ru - Main Site
  • vk.com/eldertales_mmo - VK Group
  • facebook.com/ElderTalesOfficial - FB Group
  • discordapp.com/invite/AYeMeJs - Discord
  • tele.gg/eldertales - Telegram