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Welcome to the Patreon page of Eldritch Lake, future me, do you remember when you did that? Those were some good times weren't they. That flash of inspiration, the need to create something immediate and present.

I wanted to create something that combines a few of my favourite things:
  • Twin Peaks
  • Silent Hill
  • Blue Jam
  • That sensation where you can't fall asleep so you go through the AM band on a small radio and listen to all sorts of things or, similarly, when you're driving through empty roads cross country after midnight and all you have for company is the radio because the CD player doesn't work and you're tired but not quite ready to fall asleep but boy do you want to
  • Experimental film and fiction
  • Something really pretentious here
  • Those late night Wikipedia/Creepypasta/Nightmare rabbit holes

This project, part podcast, part bi-monthly magazine, is an attempt to create something like that experience. The podcast is intended to be the sort of thing you might listen to as you're trying to sleep and also are a bit of a wrong one. The magazine is a way to explore more experimental stories in a written form and a test on the limits of magazine editorial work. Basically, I wanted to make something I would like to listen to and read, and I'm going on the assumption there are others out there with the same mindset.

But more than that, I want to champion new writers and artists, create a network of people creating odd stuff because they love it, and see what happens.

And if you've made it this far, thanks for reading. Support will go toward paying more artists and improving the quality of the equipment. The less restraints we have on the real world, the stranger paths we can walk in this project.

Thanks again.
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