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Wanna be friends? I have nothing of value i can reasonably offer here but hey, let's add each other on Facebook so you can see my mundane life and my awful shitposts.  

Electrode Tier
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Ask the cast!  Now that I'm back to drawing (hopefully for good) it's time to open some polls to my various pokemons and other characters in the comics.  Wanna know what Polo's middle name is? What horrific things I have kept secret?  For 2 bucks a month, you can find out every month.

Nugget Tier
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Join my discord!  It's kinda a work in progress cuz i'm an old man and i dont understand these fancy computers, but you can join in with the other fans who are rolling in  dosh to afford this modestly priced tier and we can all have some laughs and shoot the shit.  Even if you cancel your monthly payment, you'll still stay in the discord cuz we're friends, right? <3

Master Ball Tier
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Alright I'm still not sure what to offer here, so I guess I'll leave it up to you?  Do you want me to write a joke for me to use in the comic? You got it.  Have your own facebook page, youtube channel, or instagram that could use some fans?  I'll share it and link it on the page for some advertisement for you.  I really dont have any ideas for what I can give out for this tier, but if you pledge at this tier, i'll leave it up to you and we can discuss it (within reason, please dont ask me to give you the page or anything outrageous like that) <3




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About Dave Daveson

Hey, it's Dave!  You're probably here because you follow my facebook page.  This is usually where I post my bad drawings and also hold up a change jar and jostle it at you in the hopes that you'll put some money in it.
$29 of $100 per month
I'm not exactly rolling in money at the moment since I can't even sit upright without wincing, so I'm just able to pay monthly bills by the skin of my teeth.  Hitting this goal will help tremendously in making my monthly management much easier and give me some breathing room until I can get cured and back to working and drawing.
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