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A mention and a link back to your pages in the Featured Videos, your name will also appear in the Sidbox homescreen scrolling text message, and in the Demo Info screen of the sidbox.

Thank you for supporting me and my projects!!




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About ElectronscapeUK

I love electronics, love to learn and recreate and make up stuff.

Currently working on the SIDBOX and while there are many applications that can do this also...
The Learning and creating...
Love it all

The work towards the Sidbox is nearing completion and the materials testing

Not only will the sidbox's development will be funded here, there will be addition projects for the sidbox!

when the sidbox is completed. it doesnt stop there.. the firmware will continue to get updates, and upgrades and bug fixes. While we (at the sidbox group) are working very hard to test and put the sidbox through its paces, we may find that we become blind to the bugs, that YOU guys wont miss ;)

It will be my job to fix the bugs - my intention is never to write a work around... but to fix it.

I want to thank everything who signs up...

a picture of the sidbox

$53 of $100 per month
The Sidbox is a long project and its difficult to get the units out as i have to build by hand which is slow.. IF i can get this Goal i'll be able to afford the Mass production and I will be able to send out extra-accessories such as the microchips programmer for the firmware updates (boot loader cant happen as i ran out of the space)

I would like to THANK YOU ALL :)

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