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About Ethereal & The Elevated

Ethereal and The Elevated… best deemed as trip Hop on the etheric plane.
What started as a fun project between two talented people 252 miles apart has now evolved into a serious musical blessing from the cosmos.
It’s all basically about the trip hop influences.
The duo consists of Waritsara ‘Yui’ Karlberg and Ant O’ Donnell.
Yui is a full time musical prodigy from Bournemouth, plays everything you can think of and plays them WELL. Violin, six string guitar, programmed beats, loops and samples, drums, is an amazing keyboard player and bass player and has recently purchased and started dabbling in a multi instrument midi controller called the Artiphon Instrument 1.
She is a highly talented lyricist and hauntingly unique vocalist.
Yui writes songs about real life issues, mental health struggles and being a trans girl with autism in today’s world. A brave soul with an amazing talent for music.
Ant was a tattooist up until the pandemic as well as a bass player and programmer of 25 years from Manchester. Following a level of disillusionment.... Ant fell out of the music scene 10 years ago after devoting 15 years to 3 Manchester bands. He then jumped back in with both feet from January 2021.
He is a humble and easy going man with a different attitude towards music and the industry after his 10 year hiatus. Ant programmes drum loops, beats, synths, and samples in order to come up with a song.
He’s a also a talented bass player and also plays minimalist six string guitar.
Ethereal and The Elevated unofficially formed around March 2021 after Yui responded to a post by Ant on one of the many UK singer/Songwriter groups on Facebook....looking for a collaboration on a track that became ‘Mesmerise Me’.
The track was heavily influenced by some of the trip hop greats such as Portishead and Massive Attack.
It has deep and prominent bass lines and hauntingly Ethereal sounding vocals with a dynamic drum structure.
Since the track was completed and after garnering some interest by some radio stations....Yui and Ant decided to take the project to the next level and got serious about writing more songs.
Both members have always had a yearning to be part of a dedicated and serious trip hop project (they don’t call it a band because that is what everybody else does) and has since collaborated on 5 tracks.
Ethereal and the Elevated are currently writing and recording a 10 track album together, mixed and produced by themselves with an attitude of “This is what we can do without money being spent....imagine how it could sound with us signed to a label and being able to record in proper studio with an experienced producer at the helm”.
All tracks are considered a group effort and have a great working relationship and have also become good friends in the process.
For those of you who are unaware of what trip hop is music that is laid back, chilled, and sometimes hauntingly dark and bass heavy.
Their Influences include: Massive Attack, Portishead, UNKLE, Primal Scream, Bjork, and Ian Brown
Ethereal and The Elevated News
Currently working on a 10 track album, Yui and Ant plan on initially self releasing a 3 track demo which will also be released as a taster for potentially interested labels and promoters. They currently have some VERY useful contacts in the industry that have vowed to support, help and find them exactly what they are looking for.
Yui will be travelling up to Manchester to spend 2 weeks staying with Ant for an upcoming gig/event ....however, dates are yet TBC following the pandemic and the potential extra wait on the final stage of lockdown being lifted.

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