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About Eli Dupree

There's nothing I enjoy more than making awesome things and releasing them for free on the Internet. The more you donate, the more I can keep doing that.

I make a lot of different things. When you pledge "per creation", one "creation" could be:

  • A simple online game like The Path, or a major new version of a more sophisticated game
  • A new page of an ongoing webcomic
  • A new short story, or a chapter of a longer story like Ravelling Wrath
  • bizarre new thing I haven't even thought of yet

If you pledge any amount, you can also influence what I work on next! I can't make any specific promises, but I definitely take requests from patrons extra seriously.

Everything I make is available at elidupree.com.

I have a tendency to work on a cool project for a while, but then leave it 80% complete and not get around to sharing it with other people. Your pledges help encourage me to do the final step so that everyone can benefit.

Some of my projects are a lot more work than others, so the pledges won't quite match how much work I'm doing. But I'm not here to game the system by doing a bunch of easier projects just to collect on pledges – that just isn't how I do things. I do cool projects because I WANT to do them. Your pledges just help convince me to do the less-fun parts, like polishing them enough that I can share them with the rest of you.

(My blog posts, which are much less work, are NOT included in this. If you want to support my blog, I've set up a separate Patreon page for that. Consider making a smaller pledge for my blog posts than you do for my major works – for instance, you could pledge $5 here and $1 per blog post, or you could pledge $1 here and $0.25 per blog post.)

Finally, when you pledge any amount, I'll give you a link to a secret page on my website! The secret page currently has a few hidden posts and some work-in-progress games/simulations/weird stuff, and I'm sure I'll be adding more as time goes on.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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