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There aren't any tiers here. I don't want to hide any of my content behind a paywall. By supporting me, you are helping me bring you all even better content. Whether you give a dollar or more, just know that your patronage is greatly appreciated.




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About Elijah the Auraman

About Me:

I'm a YouTuber who makes manga and comic book reviews. 


I never intended on making a Patreon account. I planned on using YouTube's ad revenue as a source of income. Nonetheless, over the past few months, YouTube has been making changes to its system in an attempt to appease advertisers and multimillion dollar corporations. As a result, YouTube has abandoned its content creators. Thus, I have decided that I do not want to support the YouTube system any longer.

I want to continue to make content the way I want and the way you enjoy. I want to create the content you subscribed for. Furthermore, I hope this course of action will allow me to bring you, my viewers, even higher quality videos than ever before.

Why Should You Support Me?:

I don't want to hide any of my content behind a paywall, especially since I do not plan to do YouTube full-time. By becoming a patron, you are choosing to support me and my videos so that I can bring all of you even better content. Also, all content will be ad free, unless copyright claimed by YouTube or claimant. 

Thank You:

If you decide you cannot donate or do initially but need to stop donating over time, It's understandable! You should be concerned with your financial situation first. Regardless, I appreciate your patronage. Moreover, I hope that I can bring you guys even better content than I could before.
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