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About Elisha Writes

I’m Elisha, and I write Paranormal Romance and other romance novels.

Romance stories, especially those involving supernatural creatures, or a bit of history have always been my favourites to read, and so deciding to write in the same genre was an easy choice for me.

Life can get very serious and depressing sometimes.
For me, escaping into a good paranormal or historical romance book is a great escape that brings joy and hope to me, and in writing these stories myself, I hope that I can spread some of this joy, giving others an escape when they need it too.

There is always a WIP on my horizon and all the work that comes along with it, but I’m hoping that I can share some of my progress with all my patrons and give them a bit of an inside look at what it is I do, maybe even help some others begin their own journey.

So what can Patreon do for me?

Not only will any patrons give my confidence a boost, knowing that there are people out there that enjoy the worlds I build, and all the characters in them, but it will help accomplish some of goals I have set myself.

  • To publish my first story.
  • To start begin developing book two of the same series for publication (hopefully for the following year).
  • To explore writing some short stories for patrons only as a special gift for those already supporting me.
  • To finally save enough money to marry my partner who I’ve been with for a long time, and engaged to for 6 years, as well as saving for a home of our own rather than wasting money each month on a high priced rent. 

As a special teaser, to allow some of you to see my writing style and the sorts of worlds I build, and the characters that live in them, I have released chapter 1 of my 'Reluctant Guardian' story for all to see.
This can be found under the header #ReluctantGuardian and #Teaser 

Thank you for looking at my page and hopefully reading some of the content.
Any comments, reviews, likes or donations are all welcomed and appreciated.

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To support my Depositphotos subscription of stock photos for upcoming book covers. 
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