Paper Paintings by Elizabeth St. Hilaire

Paper Paintings by Elizabeth St. Hilaire

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Get your creative juices flowing with my special, one-of-a-kind monthly membership. It's filled with painting videos, inspiration, creative support, challenges, livestream Q&A's, and some bonuses along the way. Settle into your groove and make creativity a priority –Inspiring Content Delivered Every Month –Fresh Ideas and Real Conversation  –Collage Tips and Techniques –Hand Painted Paper Process –Access to All Previous Content –On Your Own Timeframe –All in One Place! Monthly Content Includes:

  • Collage tutorial videos

  • Painted paper technique videos

  • Livestream Q&As

  • Special Features: anything from introduction to new Golden Artist Colors products, watercolor sketching, painting prompts and challenges, featured artist study, studio tools, storage, and more

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The Collector enjoys ALL the benefits of my original tier PLUS will receive an original 12x12 piece of artwork after six months and once per year for as long as they are a subscriber. The value of a 12x12 original is $525 so this is a great deal for the art lover and enthusiast who wants to learn from me and collect my work.

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About Paper Paintings by Elizabeth St. Hilaire

Be inspired to evolve, change, and growboth personally and creatively...

As a professional artist, my own work has unfolded through the years as a result of constant practice and exploration of new techniques. Come join me at the easel for a peek inside my process.I enjoy being both the teacher and a student; taking online and in-person workshops from artists I admire. My goal with this practice is to learn creative concepts that will not only enhance my own creativity, but how I impart knowledge to others as well. 

Join our community and be inspired to begin your own creative evolution...
I think you'll find it informative and inspiring. yourself encouraged and motivated when surrounded by like-minded people who are also excited about personal growth and creative development. It's my hope that everyone here will find that both the community and the content ignite your creative spark to make amazing work. 

Information shared via Patreon will not be available anywhere else...
It will work hand-in-hand with my social media presence, but the content here will be exclusive. Students wishing additional, more personalized instruction can reach out to me via email for one on one coaching and mentoring support.

More Good news...
Your support also makes it possible for me to pay it forward to other artists, which in these trying times feels really wonderful and satisfying. You’re trusting me to be a curator and choose where to spread your money around, so it trickles into improving the lives of other artists, creators and makers when I add new work to my collection, or participate in a workshop taught by someone else.

If you’re already one of my patrons...
THANK YOU. I love you and you are making me possible.

If you have questions...
Please send me an email at [email protected]. If you’d like more information about how Patreon works or need help with your Patreon account you can view a ton of resources on their support page or contact their support team directly:

–Elizabeth St. Hilaire

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