Ellalune is creating Soulstice, the Game!

$1 /creation
Thank you for your support! You will gain access to the Patron exclusive news feed, and priority communication ranks! Anything related to the games that is for patron eyes only, you will have sent ...

$10 /creation
Thank you for the extra help! Any top secret stuff, including exclusive game tests, will be available to you on top of the basic perks listed above! You will get every build update that comes out a...

$20 /creation
Thank you for your AMAZINGNESS! You get the above perks as well as a monthly updated digital Concept Art Book of the behind the scenes Soulstice development! We hope this bad boy will be chock full...

$30 /creation
Your loyal support has earned you all the above perks PLUS you also get the Short Story/Lore Collection book, which is updated with new content each month, just like the Concept Art Book! Get a sne...

$100 /creation
IN THE GAME, PART OF THE GAME. You get all the above perks, but you also get to work directly with me to design an NPC character based off of you that will go into the world of Soulstice!

$250 /creation
Wow! Thanks for your dedication! You get an NPC character AND a house or location in the world designed just for you! Of course, you get all the above perks as well! And eternal gratitude~

$500 /creation
GOD LEVEL! Literally. We're so appreciative of what you've done, we're going to make you into a Soulstice Deity. We will work with you to design a deity figure that embodies you and your values/per...