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Thank you! You'll forever have my gratitude for supporting FE, your name on the Wall of Awesome and access to all Patreon-exclusive posts. If you pledge during a Short Story month (now a bi-monthly...

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You're awesome! Not only will you have access to Patreon content, your own PDFs and high-fives, but also access to all past and future donation wallpapers.

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You deserve applause! Your name and a sketched portrait will be forever memorialized in a 'Wall of Awesome' section on the FE website.

Will need description or reference of your appeara...

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You're amazing! Not only will you have a sketched portrait on the website, but also reserve a free, signed copy of all future printed comics to be shipped to you - including the patron exclusive sh...

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You exist in the FE universe! If you have an original furry character or alias, their description and/or reference pics will be included in my reference materials. Every time I need to draw a crowd...

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Sweet Swag Squared! You'll received everything from the previous tiers, (high five, wallpapers, portrait, reserved comics, original art, existing) and can order a 8.5" x 11" commission for...

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Sweet Swag Awesomeness! You'll receive all the rewards from the $1-$25 tiers, (high five, wallpapers, portrait, reserved comics, original art, existing),  and can order TWO commissions per...