Elton Gahr is creating Science fiction and fantasy stories

$1 /creation
If you are willing to give me anything you’ll have access to all of the stories I put on Patreon. In addition I’ll send you my monthly newsletter and you’ll have my gratitude not just for the finan...

$5 /creation
If you like my work enough to help at this level then I want you to have access to everything. So I'll send you the electronic versions all of my novels.

$15 /creation
At this level I'll send you the print copies of the books that I have written. I plan to have at least one print book every year which will include full length stories and anthologies. And of cours...

$20 /creation
Short stories require lots of character names. Would you like your name or the name of someone you know in a story that I write. At this level I'll be glad fit a name into a story. And of course I'...