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Duotrope is a paid subscription service for writers that offers an extensive, searchable database of current fiction, poetry, and nonfiction markets, a calendar of upcoming deadlines, submissions trackers, and useful statistics compiled from the millions of data points they’ve gathered on the publishers they list.




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About Ember

Young Readers Make Great Writers

A semiannual journal for readers of all ages, Ember: A Journal of Luminous Things showcases the very best fiction and poetry from writers 10 and up, with each piece beautifully illustrated by artists like Casey Robin and Choong YoonEmber is administered and published by the Empire & Great Jones Creative Arts Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. We rely on the support and generosity of readers like you to continue our mission of encouraging great writing and fostering emerging talent. We’re dedicated not only to featuring young writers but also to helping children and teens fall in love with reading.

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We invite you to specify how you want your donation to be allocated. This ensures that your generous gift goes exactly where you want it to. Simply send us a message here on Patreon after you’ve pledged and let us know how you’d prefer us to use the funds.

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When you ask that your donation be used as needed, we will first apply it toward paying contributors, then toward operating expenses (e.g., printing costs, web hosting fees, and marketing), and finally, when everything else is taken care of, toward reimbursing our editor-in-chief and volunteer staff.

The Empire & Great Jones Creative Arts Foundation awards an annual scholarship for students attending the California State Summer School for the Arts Creative Writing Program. When your donation is applied to our scholarship fund, you enable us to continue these yearly sponsorships and expand our scholarship offerings. We are also happy to let the scholarship recipient know of your direct contribution to their award, unless you’d prefer to remain anonymous.

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We are committed to paying every contributor, regardless of her or his publication history. This means debut writers get paid just like established professionals. Your donation helps encourage literary artists by sustaining and even increasing our minimum payments for their work.

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