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About Team Emberwings

World's Crossing Academy is a story-rich, choices-matter adult visual novel that aims to push the boundaries of what adult games typically offer.

Many adult games focus very heavily on the adult content and, while that is the point of the game and the reason many people play them, they tend to skimp on the story. This leads to very bland and at times laughable story moments, because the player knows they're only filler until they're presented with the next excuse to have an adult scene.

We want to change that. We want an adult visual novel with plenty of adult content, but also a deep, engaging story, fully fleshed-out characters with stories of their own that you'll care about and grow to love, moments that stick in your mind, and a world that feels like it could be real. We want a story you're thinking about even when you're not playing the game. An emotional investment of the player. And above all, a very satisfying experience.

Writer/Director/Designer/Poser: VictorSeven (aka fantasy author Miles Tigard)
Ren'Py Savant and Coder: Rimulex
Community Manager: DwelFlowVR
$233.22 of $1,000 per month
Faster Content Updates

Currently, Vic, and Rim are just working on the game whenever they can. Both have busy work/school schedules, and updates can't really be guaranteed. 
If we reach $1000 per month, they can both set aside designated time each week to work on content for the game, which means you'll get more content, faster.
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