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This is Aria. She's clinically depressed, and though she has a hard time reaching out to people, she's trying her very best in EG's current project: Reaching.
Reaching is a visual novel project wherein the player attempts to befriend a girl with clinical depression.

You'll be with her through bullying situations, highs, lows, and a bunch of other situations, and sometimes you'll need to know when it's time to just back off and leave her alone for a bit, because clinical depression is different from situational depression.
While this game will be made on Ren'py, this game will not be a dating sim. You can't date her. She doesn't magically get better and confess her love to you. All you're working for in this is to help her.

The point of this game is to look at depression from an outside eye. It should be remembered that every case of depression is different, and while this shouldn't be used as a guide, it may get you thinking.


And I'm Meg. I'm a digital artist, gamer, writer, and more! I love animals, helping others where I can, and fantasy creatures like dragons.

I created this patreon because a year ago, I lost my job. Getting a new one in this current economy, especially when you don't have your own transportation, is next to impossible. And it's not like I haven't tried, trust me. The point is, I needed a little help, especially if I want to make any progress in the things I want to do with my life. If you support me and my projects, thank you SO much! If not, well that's fine too. Thanks for being interested enough to read this far into the about page.

... to the rest of you... pumpernickel. That is the code. Know it.
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With this, I can commission some custom music for the game!
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