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Just an option to show your support for my work.

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Translate Short Online Manga

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Sometimes people find short manga online that they're curious about. I'll translate up to 6 pages on this tier. I'll have to be provided with scans. I'll have to be provided a link to the images.

This can be split up to include more than one manga (three 2 page manga, two 3 page manga, etc).

Video Translations

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Request that a certain scene/story be translated from Yume 100. If I don't have the video, you can send video or screenshots of it to me to have them translated.
You will also have access to my private feed.




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About Eisah

I work to translate apps, games and other content. I've created many videos featuring stories from the Yume 100 app, and have also translated quite a bit of art and doujinshi. These translations vary from helping people learn how to play a game to helping people understand the stories.
Rewards will be sent out on the 5th of each month.

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