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Private Discord Server Access

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Discord Server

 •  24/7 hour access into my private discord server!

 •  Daily voice chats as well as scheduled team chats!

 •  A sneak peaks channel 


Youtube Video Shoutout!

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 YouTube Shoutouts! 

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•  Your name at the end of all of my videos while you are pledged

Early Access on Projects!!

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• 1$ and 3$ reward

•  WIP on any and all artwork created

• WIP on any and all instrumentals created

• WIP on any and all voice o...


Unreleased Access

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 Unreleased Access! 

 •  All previous rewards

•  WIPs of unreleased projects!

 •  VO Outtakes

Ultimate Fan Tier

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 •  All previous rewards

 •  Thank you letter and signed poster

Top Supporter

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 •  Behind the scenes recordings

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