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About Emily Schooley

... and a lot of photos of cats.

Hi there! Welcome to my Patreon page, and thanks so much for checking my work out!

Who am I?

I'm an actor, filmmaker, and writer (sometimes photographer, and very occasionally a model).

I'm especially passionate about telling fantastic stories, and increasing diverse representation and equal hiring practices in contemporary media.

The main focus of my work is to increase the depth and breadth of queer feminist content that exists in the world, and I hope to one day create a series that is bigger than Star Trek. (You know, NBD.)

What do I create?

Film and theatre-based projects, mostly; I also do some voiceover and podcast content.
Often, I'm what the audience sees on screen or stage, other times I'm behind the camera in varying capacites. Sometimes, it's both!

I also occasionally write short stories, poetry, and fanfiction.

I also like to talk about the business of art - what goes into working and making a living as a filmmaker/artist.

Also, I occasionally post content (mainly self-portraits and/or images from photoshoots) that fall under 'NSFW' - that type of work is accessible at the Historical Cats and up tiers.

All of my Patrons can access a master list of my work (and an invite to my exclusive Discord channel) here.

My work is best described as "blending genres and pushing boundaries." I often - but not always - end up working in the horror genre, and tend to use sarcasm and satire to nudge my ideas along. All of my work features women-led stories. If nothing else, I definitely live up to the fiesty redhead stereotype*.

In the films I create and have creative control over, I always strive to have people of diverse ethnicities and diverse body types on screen. Via my production company, I strive to priortize hiring equity-seeking folks for all positions, both in front of and behind the camera.

A number of projects I've worked on have received awards, and several films have received mainstream release through distributors.

Past projects include:

Caged which is an hour-long solo theatre show that I wrote and starred in. The show was toured in 2018, as part of the Island Fringe Festival, where it was graced with the Lioness Award.
This play was created and toured with the support of my Patrons! 🌟💕

Life and the Art of Lying (2017) - Trailer - HD from Laughing Cat Productions on Vimeo.

Life and the Art of Lying
is a 26 minute short film that I wrote/directed/produced, and features a cast with all female leads. This project was crowdfunded separately, and completed over the past several years.
This film has made its film festival rounds, and is available to watch online through several VOD sites (list of links here). It was produced under the working title Reset, and you can follow its journey on Facebook here.

My Cool Cats patrons and all higher tiers ($3+) can watch the film for free here.

Psyche is a two minute short film that I wrote, directed, and edited, originally for a filmmaking challenge. (Note: content warning for violence.) It deals with mental illness, and explores how dangerous the masks we wear to keep up appearances can be.

The film is available to watch in full online through the video above.

For those of you coming from Youtube, there's a few things you may have seen that I've created:
- Avengers Puppet Theatre, a very casual side project that gets updated when there's time.
- The BOOB Show, from much earlier days of vlogging (think 2010-2011). This was me with a FlipHD camera and very little post-production, as a semi-sketch caricature of myself. The series got over 100k views at the time I was producing episodes weekly.
- 30 Days of Dice Living, a docudrama series also from 2010 - 2011, shot on a FlipHD camera, and with slightly more editing and work put into it. 

You can check out my production company website for details on other projects that are in production or completed.

For those who are more literary-inclined, I also have a poetry Instagram where I share various poems and excerpts from short stories.

And in 2020, I launched the Tips For Supervillains Instagram, a fun side-project that I update occasionally.

The work that YOU will help create by supporting this Patreon includes:
  • "Book of Shadows" (working title) - an original scripted urban fantasy series about a group of adult former magical girl superheroes. Now in their 30s and 40s, they have to reunite to save the world.
  • "Talking Shit" - an online Youtube series that dives into everything and anything. Nothing is taboo or censored, for better or worse. I will be bringing on diverse guests whenever possible, and all discussion will come from a feminist framework.
  • A queer, trauma-informed horror film
  • The development and creation of other short and feature-length film work
  • Original voiceover and scene study videos and audio clips
  • Other exciting scripts, short stories, poetry, media critiques, and more

I am quietly plotting world domination as I sit here and look pretty.

Why help me fund my projects?

You know that saying about good, fast, cheap? When work is rushed or done on the cheap, it often suffers in quality and doesn't get released on time. I'm not interested in creating or putting out work that isn't of high enough quality that I can be proud of, and I don't particularly want to make my audience wait for years between my film projects.

I strongly believe in being able to pay my cast and crew a living wage, and that is only possible when I have sufficient funds coming in. I do my best to get grants, find investors, run crowdfunding campaigns, seek sponsors, negotiate film deals, and find other ways to get money... but film, television, and webseries that feature diverse bodies and diverse voices (especially media helmed by queer women) is still drastically underfunded and undervalued by the people holding the purse strings at networks and funding bodies.

I also believe in constant learning and constant improvement, which is why I am always seeking to hone my craft as a performer and filmmaker. Taking the time to continue to train and practice is important to me, both within a classroom setting and on my own time.

Right now, I wear so many hats on my own projects in order to be able to pull film projects off on a 'low' budget. I am often the writer, director, producer, craft services, editor, set decorator, props finder, toilet unclogger when accidents happen on set - and boy, do they happen! - and many other things. It's a bit Sisyphean at the best of times, and it's exhausting. Most of my own projects are often shelved or delayed - even at the development stage - because I need to take paying work. Creating a finished film can take years from start to finish, even if it's a short film.

By supporting me here, you'll get a peek behind the curtain into what goes into making  films, and learn more about my personal process as a filmmaker and performer.

The freelance work I do for paying clients currently takes up a good chunk of my time. With this Patreon, I can hustle a little bit less and work towards creating the projects on my production slate more frequently.


1) "What's with the cats?"
Well, my production company is called Laughing Cat Productions. Our logo is based on one of my furbabies, Yuki, who sadly passed away several years ago.
As of right now, I'm a proud cat mama to three of my own kitties, and I also foster and rehabilitate cats through a rescue group. So with our live or live-ish video content, there's a good chance you will see a cat wander through the frame at some point. I definitely have outtakes of cats meowing and scratching at closed doors. You get the idea.

2) "Who's 'we'?"
The royal we I sometimes refer to are the other folks who help me out with Laughing Cat work, on-screen and off. Mostly, it's my partner Greg who has been an amazing help with all things audio, as well as my rotating cast and crew depending on the specific project at hand.

3) Why did you star the 'fiesty redhead' comment up above?
Oooh, you've got a good eye! I starred it because even though I am generally gingery and soulless, I often dye my hair other funky colors. Or sometimes boring ones, like gothy black. My actual superpower is that I can match any hair color to my skin tone.

4) What else have you done?
Now that, my friend, is a loaded question. If you want to see my practically complete film resume, I suggest you check out my IMDB listing. As of now, my time is split pretty evenly between acting and being behind the camera in some capacity. Unfortunately, a lot of the more recent work (including stuff that is higher quality) isn't yet available online. If you have a lot of hours to waste on the internet, you can check out a bunch of stuff I've acted in over the years, via my Youtube acting playlist, or you are welcome to scroll through my Facebook page where I post updates about acting projects.

5) You say you're a feminist. What kind of feminist are you?
Another great question! My feminism includes all female, female identifying, non-binary, and afab folks. It includes trans women. It includes women of color. It includes sex workers. it includes disabled folks. It includes people struggling with mental illness. It includes women of all body sizes and types, with a focus on body positivity. It includes neurodiverse folks. And, surprisingly or not, it includes supporting the awesome men I work with, as we unlearn everything having to do with what toxic masculinity and the patriarchy has created in our contemporary culture. I believe in creating a more healthy society for and with men and amab folks. I'm more of a social justice evil queen than a warrior, really, but I'm a gal who can do both if I need to.
Note: I will be the first to admit that I am still unlearning harmful ideas and behaviours, so please do feel free to call me in if I do or say something that is harmful.

6) Where else can you be found online?
Let's get social! You can find me in these corners of the web:

I think that covers everything, but If you have a burning question you'd like answered, fire away and I will add it to the FAQ!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 206 exclusive posts
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