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Hi honeybee, and welcome to The Book of Holy Fuck.

I'm Emma Arnold, a comedian, author, and beekeeper living in Idaho. The Book of Holy Fuck is a collection of audio recordings, narrative stories, poems, visual art, rituals, recipes, and erotica, an entirely one of kind poetry slam cookbook comedy sex manifesto. The project allows me to delve deeper into subjects and stories I touch on briefly in my standup comedy, and further deepens the intimate tone for which I am known.

I've been working on tBoHF for several years--painting, writing, recording--and I'll be honest: I'm not sure exactly what it is or what it will be. As the project has grown in scope and medium and genre, so has my excitement to share it. If you join me on this journey, you'll be both audience and doula, helping me birth this documentary-podcast-book-art installation into the world.

I give a lot of my comedy away for free, for $5/month, you get the tender bits, the exposed shoulder, the bared neck, the gamey pulp of my heart and soul. You'll get history and truth and goth girl poetry, soup talks and gentle mom advice, horny essays and erotic recall, guided meditations and misguided recovery stories, fantasy, comedy, tragedy, and road gossip. Like my exes always say of life with me, The Book of Holy Fuck will be a lot of things, but never boring. It will make you laugh and cry and roll your eyes and chub up a little on an airplane.

The project will begin January 1st and go as long as it needs. Each month will have a different theme, starting with LOVE. I hope you join me, I know we'll have quite a time. <3

(All content is my own, I own all rights, yada yada.)
7% complete
Working towards a BoHF one woman show and tour. 
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