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Thank you for sending a little bit of sweetness my way. All patrons at this tier and above get access to Family Game Night on my Twitch every Friday at 8pm mtn.



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  • Thanks, honeybee! Your pledge helps me pay my rent and feed my giant sons. Welcome to the hive. <3 


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Thank you, my chubby dedicated sugarplum! Your pledge is most appreciated and I promise it will be put to a good and carnal use.

About Emma Arnold

Hi honeybee, and welcome to THE BOOK OF HOLY FUCK.

I'm Emma Arnold, a comedian, author, artist and beekeeper living in Idaho. This patreon is strictly donation-based. I give away a lot of my stuff for free and if you've enjoyed it and want to kick a little (or a lotta <3) cash my way, I greatly appreciate it. 

Some of my juicier (and more vulnerable) stuff is available exclusively here on patreon, including the original monthly-themed content that lead to the eventual birth of tBoHF. There are essays, audio recordings, standup comedy, visual art, poems, and recipes for you to enjoy, as well as unedited podcasts and livestreams. In addition, I give patreon members first look/listen on all my albums, specials, books, art etc... Hope you stick around, we have quite a time. <3

(All content is my own, I own all rights, don't steal it yada yada.)
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Working towards a BoHF one woman show and tour. 
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