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Welcome! Welcome!

A little about me
Hello!! My name is Emma Difani and I am a visual artist originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico and currently calling Oklahoma City home. I got my BFA in Studio Art(emphasis in Printmaking) and Spanish from the University of New Mexico in 2014. I teach printmaking and make art around town in OKC, but can usually be found at Artspace at Untitled, a non profit, education driven art center, where I am a Press Member and Printmaking Instructor or at Factory Obscura, an incredible artist collective. I love sharing the amazing tricks of printmaking with my students and learning right alongside them. I also love to cook, read, sew and be in nature whenever possible. 

..and the things I make
While I love and teach printmaking, I consider myself a drawer above all else. Printing, stitching, carving and even painting are all just tools of drawing in my art making. I am greatly influenced by the environment(both my immediate surroundings and the bigger picture). My work is based on the relationship between the grown, natural environment and the constructed one. I am fascinated by the traces the built world leaves on nature on vice versa. I am inspired everyday, walking around the city and seeing the small wild places that peek through in urban spaces. I draw and map these observations and create woodcuts, screenprints, tapestries, sketches and books. 

What Patreon is and what it can do for you(and me)!
*Connect artists, art lovers and friends-old and new- across distances near and far
*Help makers of all kinds create new work and sustain a successful career in the arts
*Support local creative communities

With Patreon, you pledge a set amount per month(tiers range from $2-$50) and in return you get handmade, original artwork, as well as exclusive posts, videos, photos and other surprises! It's an easy to show your support of local, creative economies and get cool, original pieces in return. 

What you'll get
Art! All kinds of Art! I am a multidisciplinary artist(basically I just get too excited about everything to just make one kind of thing) and that means you might get woodcuts or drawings on paper, screenprinted tote bags or tee shirts, a fabric wall hanging, a recipe card or cookbook. It will be something different every time, the surprise is part of the fun, but it will always be made by me, with love.

...and where that will get me
Your amazing support pays for paper, ink, studio rent, frames, gas, food, fabric and so much more! My creative work is how I make a living from teaching art to making it and my Patrons here are a part of that. 

See more: www.emmadifani.com, @emma_difani on Instagram, or swing by the Press at Untitled in OKC where you'll often find me making prints!

What am I gonna do with all this cool new stuff? Keep it, wear it, frame it, put it on your fridge, give it away as gifts, write your grocery list on it, decoupage your dresser, accessorize your dog, use it as a postcard, it's yours now, enjoy it however you see fit! Seriously.

Can I edit/cancel my membership? Yes, definitely. You can cancel/upgrade/downgrade anytime before the beginning of each new billing cycle. Things change, I totally understand. 

When will I be charged and when will my goodies arrive?
You will be charged at the beginning of each month and I will ship out any artwork/postcards/etc by the middle of the month(usually the 2nd Tuesday).

10 of 25 patrons
I'll start having an annual studio visit Arty Party open to all my local patrons to say thank you and share what's happening in real life. I'll make snacks, drinks and probably the napkins and tablecloths too. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 45 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 45 exclusive posts

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