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For $1/month you will get access to The Orklands, a Patreon exclusive worldbuilding, conlanging and prose project featuring at least 3 posts a month. In addition, you'll get access to my patron-only Activity feed, including previews, behind-the-scenes content and polls.

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For $3/month you will get a free eBook copy of any past or future self-published books of mine in the eBook format of your choice, as well as all the benefits of the $1 tier.




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About Emma Lindhagen

Welcome, lovelies.

My name is Emma, and I like to write things. I mostly write prose in a range of genres, as well as blog posts and the odd Hubpages article or review. Occasionally I'll even write poetry. I have a special fondness for speculative fiction, and sometimes joke that I mostly write fanfiction of my own characters. I'm bi and polyamorous, and I love writing about found families, queer characters and all sort of relationships.

I have two novellas currently available on Kindle and as paperbacks, and a website where I blog about various aspects of fiction writing. I also have a recently started YouTube channel where I talk about all the things I love, and on Twitch you can catch me conlanging, writing flash fiction and playing old casual games.

I'm a perpetual student, occasional administrator, sporadic teacher temp and linguist in training, and I regularly nerd out over pop culture franchises and etymologies alike. I like crafting, tea and the color purple. Also owls and teddies. And chocolate. Basically I like a lot of things.

This Patreon is one part of my ongoing ambition have administration be something "I'm just doing "until this writing thing takes off". A lofty ambition, but the way I see it any bit of income, no matter how small, that comes from my writing instead of from my day job is more time I can reasonably spend on my creative career. I believe for most indie creatives it is good to have eggs in multiple baskets, and I would love for Patreon to be one of those baskets for me.

I want to see my Patreon grow into a warm, active, friendly community, populated by people who for whatever reason want me to write moar stuhff!

My current central Patron-exclusive project is called The Orklands, and involves worldbuilding, conlanging and writing prose for an orc populated fantasy world. Each month patrons get access to three exclusive updates right here on Patreon, and will also be able to participate in polls and otherwise influence the development of the project. All updates published will be Patreon-exclusive for at least 6 months after publication. You can read more about The Orklands here

Additionally, patrons will get previews and behind-the-scenes content of my projects, and be able participate in polls, giveaways and other events including developing future reward tiers and projects for my Patreon.

Sound good? I hope it does! Go ahead and sign up and get access to the Patron-only content today.

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First baby goal! When I hit this goal, I will do a special YouTube video on a topic decided by my Patrons. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 60 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 60 exclusive posts

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