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No one is going to do this.  But what if they DID though?!!!!!

I wanted to choose 100k but 15k is apparently the max.  If you're even kind of considering this I'm not sure how you made your millions because fiscal responsibility is not your strong suit. >)

BUT!!! If you do this I will create a gif of you as Paul Revere riding a rocket ship shouting, "The Robots are coming!! The Robots are coming!! The sleeper must awaken!!" and play it at the end of every video I do for a year.

You crazy mf-er. You're still reading this? Are we about to become best friends! Haha you won't... will you? You shouldn't. Oh fuck it just do it!




If you're like me, you love news in the form of comedy.  But why does every Late Night show focus on politics? I've always wanted a comedy show focused on tech, science, and FUTURISM!

If you want news about how fast the future is crashing down on us while laughing your ass off, I'm hoping you'll help me make the series KNEE OF THE CURVE a reality.

KNEE OF THE CURVE or KOTC is a comedy news show where I'll focus on all the news leading us to the Technological Singularity. Topics like artificial intelligence, genetic engineering, nanobots, neural interfaces, quantum computing and perhaps even sex robots.

KOTC is meant to have a live audience but since I'm here on Youtube it may be some time before that happens. Maybe you can help with that!

About me:
I’m a standup comic and video editor. I perform regularly at the THE PUNCHLINE (SF & Sacramento), and I’ve toured semi-globally, performing at clubs like CAROLINES in NY and doing USO tours in Tokyo, but if you've got a backyard I can perform in, I'm down. I was invited to the Montreal Comedy Festival as one of their NEW FACES OF COMEDY and now I’m writing my own bio, but still, pretty good.

If you choose to support KOTC you'll be helping to bring positive, educational and FUNNY news into the world.  I think that's something we all need right now. I currently commit to one KOTC per month and I get free writing help from a couple of comedian friends and my Discord community.  Your support would mean I could start to pay them! Next I hope to hire an editor so I can produce at least 1 one KOTC per week.

I also create other content on my channel like vlogs, review, tutorials, and interviews. Topics rage from video editing, camera equipment, Tesla news, travel vlogs and what it's like being a standup comic in LA and more.

I’ve posted one of the sizzle reels I used when i pitched KOTC all around Hollywood. 

Thanks for reading all this! Let's all reach longevity, escape velocity and be around for the crazy scifi future that's coming faster than we think.


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Creating a show like The Daily Show or Last Week Tonight, takes a tribe of people and serious money. My goal is to build that tribe. 

What will the money go towards?
- Hire an editor 
- Rent a space to shoot in with room for a live audience
- Pay comics and researchers to help write episodes
- Hire a producer to help on shoots, book guests and promote the show 
- Camera Gear and other equipment
- Travel and Accommodations for on location shoots at tech conventions
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