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Story of Wordiness: 

You (yes, you) get access to an exclusive monthly downloadable short story! Stories remain exclusive to Patrons for at least 90 days. 

These stories could be anything. Military sci-fi. Goofy space opera. Sexy tentacles. Spooky magical realism. Romantic cyberpunk. Brutal ghost stories. A new tidbit of something for you each month!

Also, anyone to pledge at this level will be thanked in the in-book acknowledgements of my novels from 2017 onward. (You can opt out of this if you'd rather be anonymous!)
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Scroll of Secrets:

In addition to the exclusive monthly short story, you will receive a short (let's be real -- I'm wordy) behind-the-scenes message from me about the story itself. What inspired it, what I was thinking and feeling whilst writing it, and how it came together.

At this level, you will also get an eARC of my novels in .epub or .mobi as soon as I have them myself (timing can vary -- usually 2-12 weeks prior to publication is a good bet).*

*If this is in my contracts/availability to do so. 
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Bauble of Artliness:

Due to the constraints of my less-than-ideal internet, I've had to nix the video-related reward tiers. In place of this one, I'll be posting something artistic that I do during the month, as I've been trying to focus a bit more on sketching, book world-related doodles, and other wee things. You'll get to peek at those before I share them anywhere else (if I even do).

You also get the $1-$3 rewards!

If you happen to be a Patron at the $50 (that's five-zero) reward level, I'll give you first dibs on some of them for your handmade-by-me whatsit.




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Who I am:
I'm Emmie Mears, a sometime secret car and full-time authory critter. Not actually a cartoon, but Roselle Lim made me a very nice one for this profile picture!

I write the gamut of science fiction and fantasy -- everything from epic fantasy to magical realism to space opera -- though so far what's out there skittering around bookshelves is mostly of the urban fantasy persuasion. I've written for Uncanny Magazine (new story in 2020!), Tor.comWriter's DigestTerrible Minds, and Harlequin.com, and in 2016 unlocked a massive personal achievement when Audible bought the audio rights for my Ayala Storme series and Amber Benson (author, actor, director, producer, all-round deity) came on board to narrate the audiobooks.

My novelette, "Seonag and the Sea-Wolves", was published by Tor.com in August 2019. I've got ten full length novels in print as of September 2019. My poetry has appeared in The Bell Jar and Poet's Republic, and a short film I wrote and acted in, "Ach 's e drochaid a th' ann an cànan" will be out in 2020 as well. Far as we know, it's the first ever film to be only in Gaelic and Welsh. I also sing in a Gaelic choir in Glasgow and hope to someday contribute to the canon of Gaelic bàrdachd (poetry and songs and storytelling) beyond what's here in this paragraph.

Why I'm Here:
Right now I am working hard to make ends meet. I work two part time jobs, and I want to keep being able to focus my energies on creating excellent stories for you to sink into and spend time in new worlds. Before July of 2015, I spent six years working 80-100+ hour weeks, which wasn't really a sustainable way to live, as I haven't yet figured out a way to remove my sleep or become part cyborg.

I come from a very poor family (I literally lived in a barn! For realsies!), and I went to university in the fledgling new millennium with the helter-skelter idea that a degree would mean a Living Wage, so I bought the student loan sales pitch hook, line, and sinker. And well...it's almost sunk me. Between debt payments and trying to squeeze a month of work into every fortnight, things most see as necessities (health care, grocery shopping) are sparse luxuries I often can't afford.

In 2014, I had four books sold to publishers. My debut came out! Things were looking up! And then everything came crashing down. My marriage. My home. Within the space of three months, all four of those contracted books got orphaned, my agent left the business, I watched my debut novel vanish from the shelves just before the holiday season, and I suddenly found myself...well. Kind of marooned.

Since 2014, I have written around ten more novels and heaps of short stories. I have busted my bum to gain back the ground I lost, and there have been some successes! But doing this work full time and then some requires a lot of mental, emotional, and physical energy. 

Your pledge will enable me to bring you more of what you want: a creative, write-a-holic Emmie who is tapping away at the keyboard to lay new universes at your feet. In addition to the warm, sticky glow of knowing you're supporting my artistic endeavours, the money donated here makes a real, serious difference for me. It helps lift burdens so I can focus on making the best art I can possibly make. 

This is what a month looks like for me:
Rent- £650
Home Office Expenses- £45 (internet, phone, accounting software)
Kitties- £40
Food- £200
Utilities- £80
Total: £970

It's quite a lot, even without including the luxuries I cannot pay for at this time, like mental health services (thankfully, immigration has ensured me access to the most excellent Scottish National Health Service), cobbling together part time income with writing income is a monthly act of gymnastics and anxiety.

My goal is to be able to bring you 2-4 novel-length works per year (depending on contracts and [boring legalspeak redacted]), but I want to give you more! Exclusive short stories and novelettes, videos of my face saying interesting things, access to exclusive Q&As (also with my face), and the knowledge that if we turn up at the same con, you'll get to have my in-person face stammer a none-too-graceful shout of "OH EM GEE THANK YOU, CEUD MÌLE TAING" or something similar.

Patreon is the most direct way for people to support the artists they want to support, and I desperately want to keep making worlds for you to explore.

No matter what, you have my sincerest thanks. Tapadh leibh, a charaidean.

$179 of $250 per short story
New goal: At this level, I'll be able to pursue opportunities like visiting rural writing groups and libraries in Scotland's Highlands and Islands. I want to be able to share my time and energy with emergent writers and hungry readers, particularly with rural LGBTQIA+ people who have less access to visiting authors. With $250 a month, I'll be able to coordinate at least one visit every couple months to the Hebrides or the northern Highlands.

What getting to $250 a month will mean for me in real terms: This pays for all utilities (including the internet I need to work!) and food for the kitties for the month.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 156 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 156 exclusive posts

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