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'My Life' Vlogging Experiment
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Access the first footage of my attempt at the intimidating world of 'vlogging!!' Includes daily footage, unedited and uncut(or less anyway), trial and error in business, come shopping with me, workout with me, and more fun stuff! 

Please keep in mind that this is an experiment! This footage is exclusive to the few willing to help me by offering constructive criticism. Lighting? Sound? Content? Editing? Photography? Resolution? Where can I improve? 

I'm sure 'just watching' is fun, but in this instance I need an interactive audience. Help me be great! 



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LIVE ask me anything-twice monthly. Plus, behind the scenes footage of my Youtube videos.



About Emmy MC

Hi! I'm Emmy!
My boobs are huge! No seriously, I've had big boobs for half of my life. Insert youtube, where I review bras for women with big boobs and small backs on my channel: EmmyMc. Seriously, finding a bra that fits properly-(28 HH)-is like finding a tribe of leprechans. I am also an entrepaneur-currently developing a bra for full-bust gals like me-all while aiming to reduce the amount of breast reductions in the world! With the help of my patrons, I can afford to focus full-time on developing content for my channel and my business venture! Youtube has served as a vessel for me to help women like me find great bras. However, this Patreon journey is much more personal- it's my life. Like sharing private photos of my modeling aspirations, opinions or advice(future podcast potentially), personal poetry and prose diaries, adventures in creating a new product for mass quantities, adventures in developing a travel vlog, and did I mention BOOBS! They're the reason behind my movement and the best co-stars a girl can ask for! So thank you kindly if you're willing to join me, my appreciation is greater than words can express....xoxo
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Professional in-home studio and a new camera! Both would be used for vlogging, creating higher quality content, and exploring the scary world of modeling.
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