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Helpin' a brother out by throwing a dollar in the jar per month.  You have our thanks.

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You're pulling your weight, kiddo - and then some!  Right now you're just getting our thanks, but I'm sure I'll think of something to add here that isn't gamebreaking or something.

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5's just such a nice number.  It's half of ten!  If you're paying more than this tier you should probably put your money towards something else; you're already paying for like three people's bill, and 1/6th of the total cost of the server (minus the extra bits we could have)




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OK, so basically what we're out to do is create a minecraft server for the r/EmpirePowers community, with the following understandings:

* It should be open to roleplay but not overbearingly, neckbeardingly so
* It should be set in a medieval / fantasy setting, within reason
* It should be as close to the current vanilla release as possible, while still making valuable additions that do not overly complicate the core gameplay, allow for automated mining, or take the game outside of the medieval / fantasy setting
* It should contain a 'factions' type plugin or mod, a functioning shop / economy system that uses in-game materials rather than "fake" money (example: we would NOT be using the Time is Money plugin), and a plugin or mod that enables built - not crafted - airships and ships.
* It should have a server with the capacity to have one gig per every two players online dedicated to the server; it's estimated that about 12 players are currently interested, and once the server launches it could rise to 20, so about 10 gigs would be the goal

With all these things, the best bang for our buck - as well as still containing ample support - would probably be through meloncube hosting, which puts the price at about $3 per gig.  If every player donates about $1.50, we would then be on self-sufficient parity to host the server for hosting alone; this does not including cost of backups, which are at about ~$1 a month per 'day' of backup stored, as well as other misc. charges - 2 bucks a month if we also want a subdomain so we could host it as 'EmpirePowers.mcserv.co' instead of a direct IP connect, or a 2.50 a month charge for a dedicated IP so we don't have to point to port 25565 or $5 for advanced support that lets us do custom mod packs and stuff.  With all those misc costs, it'd drive it up to about 2 bucks per person to be self sufficient and then put away some money for upgrades beyond that. 

A 10 gig server runs at about 30 bucks, though we can go for smaller servers on the same "three bucks for every gig" kind of deal if we don't wanna have a server fit for about ~20 players.

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