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About EmpiresMod

If you don't know Empiresmod...
Empiresmod is a unique blend of first person shooter and strategy game, where one player on each team commands from above, giving orders to the players, placing buildings to aid the team, and choosing a research path to ensure that the customizable tanks have the right options to allow their drivers to achieve victory.
...it's awesome! Try it.

We need you
We've got a git server, forum, and buildservers to maintain, and it's costing the developers rather a lot - the same people already cutting from their work and gaming time to fix issues and build new features! So, we want to try distributing this among everyone who cares enough about this game, not just the devs. Keeping the best game ever alive is the reason we do what we do, so please help us by donating what you can spare for our running costs.

Just costs
We do not pay, nor ever intend to pay, any developers of the game itself. Did I mention Empires is free to play, and doesn't include sneaky micro-payments or advertisement? We hate that stuff just as much as the next gamer. The payments you make to Empiresmod will always be to ensure that Empiresmod stays around for as long as possible, just as free as it is today.
$33.75 of $49 per month
We've gone through the free service gitlab has helped us with since switching to it in 2014, and having our own git service means we can focus our development efforts on improving the game, instead of needing to find hackarounds just to host the source, that will slow development.

Switching to our own gitlab server will mean much faster buildtimes, quicker download/upload speeds, and easier configuration to our needs.
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