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is creating Health and fitness guides for gamers to improve their gaming
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Noobs are awesome people who want to use the guides to train themselves and are willing to support the creation of future content. You will receive 20% off the guides as a thank you for your support.
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So you think you've got game huh? By choosing this tier of support you will receive a copy of every guide that is ready to go when it is ready to go at no additional cost. You'll also receive personal responses to any questions you have regarding the exercises in the guides or training in general, we'll even give you advice on your current training programs, even if they're not one of ours!
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Nothing fazes you. You look Death in the eye and laugh with contempt. Small children fear and worship you at the same time. Everyday decisions bypass you, only game changing events draw your attention. You exist above mere mortals.......but you wish to attain a level never before seen.

*clears throat* 

By choosing this tier of support you will receive a copy of every guide that is ready to go and will also receive a free updated version when the guides are updated.

You'll also receive a full functional movement screen assessment carried out via a one to one skype/whatsapp/discord meeting to ascertain your current strengths and weaknesses. 

Following the functional movement screen you will receive a one month personalised training program designed to improve your physical and mental function raising your health and gaming to a new level. The program will be tailored to you and adjusted as you progress each month. 

Ongoing monitoring and support via skype/whatsapp/discord to any questions you have regarding the exercises in your program. 



About Endgame Fit

my name is Matt Jeffery, a certified personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist, strength and conditioning coach and avid gamer! I have a passion for sharing my knowledge with others in an effort to improve their lives. I created Endgame fit as a resource for you, the gamer, to ensure that you're doing everything you can to reach the endgame; from a physical point of view. Our information, videos and products are designed to draw out the hidden physical potential you could have locked inside of you, enabling you to maximise your gaming through personal development, while also improving your health and well-being.

Whether you're looking for advice about steps you can take to improve a bad back, or a stiff neck, ways of combating repetitive strain injury or ways to increase your visual acuity, hand function and speed of thought I can help.

For the purpose of explaining the need for Endgame Fit we are going to treat gaming like a sport. We all play at different levels, from Noob to Pro Gamer, this is no different to Running or Football (Soccer or Gridiron), there are different levels of gamer the world over just like there are different levels of sports ability. There are gamers who may be affected by obesity, bad backs, stiff necks or repetitive strain injuries just like there are sports people affected by the same afflictions.

As a part of their sports preparation the best sports people are subjected to training that encompasses technical training, diet & nutrition analysis, psychological assessments and coaching, functional movement screening, physiotherapy, strength and conditioning, lifestyle analysis and business management, all of which contribute to two purposes;

  • Improving their performance on the field of play
  • Keeping them on the field of play

The guides produced by me for Endgame Fit are no different; I want to help you improve your gaming via areas you maybe didn’t even know were affecting your gaming. And I want to provide you with guidance on how to stay healthy.

The guides are designed for human beings, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a pro-gamer or a casual gamer, we come at this from a life-improvement point of view. The Postural Awareness, Neck Care, Back Care, Mental Health & Performance, CV Fitness and Diet & Nutrition sections all have great advice that you will find beneficial in everyday life, the happy side effect is that they will help you improve your gaming by increasing your alertness, reaction times and manual dexterity and keep you gaming by making your body more resilient to illness and injury.

I need your help though. I have currently written five of the guides and I was going to delay releasing the completed books until all of them were ready to go but I've decided there is too much good info sitting idle when it could be out there helping people. Your support will allow me to dedicate more time to what I love in an effort to bring you more content.

If you haven't already check out the video above for more information on what we are trying to do.

Thank you,
Endgame Fit
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