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About Rick Maltese

My name is Rick Maltese. @pronuclear is the twitter handle. I've been busy working on the books citations. My awareness raising activities has focused on several fronts. Our Facebook Group Energy Reality and our website. I've been co-host for most of the ten or more episodes of the Ecomodernist Podcast I've been active on twitter. Besides having gone to San Francisco Dec. 2014 to target 24,000 visitors at the AGU conference in December I have been updating and adding citations to the book based on the same title as the website and Facebook group. The working title is Energy Reality: The Necessary Renaissance and how it can save our future, give us back the oceans, clean the air, fix the economy, eliminate most nuclear waste and supply fresh water. I will be looking for a publisher. The book has great potential for raising awareness about the energy.

Response #1 "...Looks great! I like the exciting, narrative-driven approach...." -  S. Waldman, PhD, Risk Communicator

Response #2  "Rick, a nice piece of writing! You have ruined my morning, as I spent most of it reading your book instead of working! The Earth, Water, Air, Fire prism to view the World is a good one, but I will have to read a good deal more of your book to see how you develop the themes...Your book hit the sweet spot. I will be reading more. I hope you start to talk about Thorium energy as a more acceptable alternative..." - T. Herring 

Response #3 "You continue to amaze me! And I thought you were 'just' a fantastic musician. As for the nuclear stuff, you manage to bring it down to a level I can understand. I enjoyed it!" J. Dillon

The Energy Reality Project was created to join people together to communicate about Energy and understanding the energy choices and what criteria to use to weigh their relative value. There are no groups at the grassroots level that enables a way to become informed that weigh in on all the issues. The model we encourage for change is to go beyond the computer. Reach out and get heard. 

I have created three blogs about different aspects of energy and nuclear power.  My passion is to share my findings and ask that if you want to stop coal from ruining the oceans and stop the coal burning that kills humans and all kinds of wildlife that you join me. I will be happy with small donations because that is the most many of us can do. 
My other blogs are Deregulate the atom and ThoriumMSR
There is also a Deregulate The Atom Facebook group and an Energy Reality Facebook group.
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Saving for conferences this year to help spread the word and promote Michael Shellenberger for Governor of California.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts

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