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About Nick Gipson

Hello, my name is Nick Gipson or as I'm known online, "Enigma".

For the past 7 years I've been hosting a weekly video game review show called "Unboxed".

When I started my show, video game reviewing had become well....gimmicky, it seems everyone was focusing more on being angry, running gags, storylines and green screen effects, it seemed like the concept of telling you whether a game was good or not was gone.....

Since then I've done well over a 150 episodes, been featured on sites like ScrewAttack and GoNintendo and contributed to causes like "Operation Rainfall" and "100,000 Strong for Megaman Legends 3".

This past year I released a 90 Minute retrospective on Rareware, which has become one of my most successful videos to date!

Since I started I've stuck to a weekly schedule, uploading a new episode every Thursday with breaks at the beginning and end of the year and mini breaks during the year, in the past I've done over 40 episodes a year

However in recent years, my schedule has become more relaxed, where I've also introduced a new show "Kick It" which focuses on the world of crowdfunding

So why am I here, well lets be honest this gig isn't cheap. I'm not working for a major company who can send me consoles and video games, I've been doing this out of my own pocket for the past few years. My ultimate goal is to make this my job and trust me, you're not paying me to just play video games. Capturing footage, writing and recording a script, filming and editing all to meet a deadline is  grueling work.

This is why I'm wanting to move away from a weekly schedule, the amount of time and effort has almost resulted in burnout and whats worse it's seen barely any return in turns of Ad Revenue.

Besides the main review show I will also at times do a Special Episode, these include;

Unboxed: WTF Happened: I give a history lesson on some of the biggest tragedies in the gaming world like Shenmue, Megaman Legends & Mother 3

Unboxed Head 2 Head: Where I pit two games against each other in a series of topics and crown a winner, in the past I've pitted Melee vs Brawl and Goldeneye N64 vs Goldeneye Wii

Unboxed Passport: Where I take a look at Imports, usually direct from Japan and play the game blind.

One thing I don't have is scores, I've always found it insignificant to round my verdict to a numerical figure, instead I list the Positives and Negatives of the game at the end of the episode

Your donations will help me to keep giving you episodes, Thank you for your support!
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If we reach this epic goal of 200$ a month I will host a stream live every week! Maybe it will be Overwatch, Mario Kart 8, Splatoon, whatever it shall be, expect a lot of screaming!
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