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Just a boy looking to change something. Even just the slightest change to someone’s life is more than enough. You don’t have to read any of this, I wouldn’t blame you at all for not wanting to. But if you don’t mind please hear me out.
From very (and I really mean very) dark personaI experience, I have came out the worst periods of my life imaginable realising the importance of a positive mindset. After battling plenty of issues a bit too serious to talk about here, I realised no day in life should be spent on the back foot. As unbelievable as it may sound, the main way I conquered my problems was through pro wrestling. By no means have my problems disappeared, but my mindset has changed and allowed me to realise happiness is always possible if you don’t persuade yourself you have no control. Through watching pro wrestling I found myself immersed in something that took me completely out of where I thought I was stuck.The feelings of investment made me realise it’s completely possible to not have to deal with countless battles in my head every second of every day.. The realisation that I there was an escape made me realise I’m not stuck in an endless cycle and that if there was a way of find myself broken out of this, there should be no reason for me to feel like I or anyone will never get out of these times.
Sob stories aside,(thank you if you’re still with me) I genuinely feel like I'd be doing something wrong by not spreading this . I have spent months and long days looking for ways to spread this message, get a voice heard and be behind a movement. After many failed attempts, I finally feel like this is at least has the most potential. I would like to start a campaign titled ‘enjoy. pro wrestling’. I aim to use the platform of social media, websites and T-shirts to create a movement and raise a good sum for charity. Hopefully to be backed by the support of various mental health charities, I/We (If anyone wants to help) aim to spread this message and awareness of our forthcoming campaigns to help increase awareness of mental health and remind fans to enjoy pro wrestling again!
Any Donations, no matter how small are massively appreciated. If by a miracle enough is raised to allow me to get this started (website etc.) hopefully we can change the way pro wrestling view their sport. I will keep everyone updated on what’s going on as everything hopefully develops.

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