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Name tier

$1 /mo

This could be (but not limited to)...

  • This is the basic "Thank You" level. Think of this level as a tip-jar. You like using the generators on the site an...

Description Tier

$3 /mo
  • Same as above or...
    Need a feat/skill/encounter/Item etc. or something that needs a bit more details? (up to three paragraphs)
    Or a d20 table on a subject of your choice, subject to ...

Expanded Description

$5 /mo
  • Choose from the options above or...
  • I'll help you create, something bigger and more detailed. Up to around 300-400 words.


$10 /mo
Sponsor A Generator Page
As well as the same benefits as the $5 tier and below, this level also allows you to sponsor a generator page for as long as your patreon donation is ac...