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About Alekz Londos

I am Alekz Londos..... I have 20 years of experience as an environmentalist, humanitarian, photojournalist and activist.

Throughout my missions, I have been a witness to the unimaginable, widespread destruction of catastrophic man-made and natural disasters. After seeing so much destruction, death, mass suffering, and failed humanitarian responses, I was driven to make a difference and became involved in emergency services. I have taken multiple courses in Fire Technology, the EMT course, all of the Red Cross courses and CERT course at the fire department. I have independently provided international disaster relief support and immediate medical care to critical areas before the military and multinational organizations arrived. I have done search and rescue, body recovery, psychological debriefing, debris removal, risk mitigation, and helped rebuilt infrastructures. I focus my time, money and energy towards mission objectives that will benefit humanity, animals or the our environment.

After these projects, sometimes write inspiring stories and utilize mass media to help raise awareness and compassion towards tragic events..... my images have been featured on CNN, NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, KSBW, KRON, KION, AOL, Yahoo News Associated Press (AP), World News (WN), Philippine National News, and many other news outlets. Additionally, they have been in the newspaper 47 times [portfolio folder on FB] and several magazines.

Here's a link to my portfolio of International humanitarian missions, environmental projects and journalism.
I am extremely saddened by the egotism, ignorance, greed, and lack of compassion that is contributing to the destructive impact.... as we all witness the rapid disruption and alteration of our planet’s biosphere and deterioration of Earth's fragile ecosystems.

As you can see, I have worked on dozens of projects to help make the world a better place and haven't given up!! Unfortunately, the only thing that has slowed me down is money. Please consider donating towards my missions objectives.
$442.76 of $1,000 per month
Have you seen my struggles, pain, progress and accomplishments in trying to help people while also trying to make the world a better place? I couldn’t have done this without the wonderful people who believe in me,... supporting my environmental projects and international humanitarian missions. Thank you!

I created this Patreon page for those who continue to value what I offer society and would like to further support my work. Like most people, the only thing limiting my full potential… is money. This page allows members to donate $1 or more monthly. This will help me offset community outreach project expenses: equipment, supplies, educational materials, travel costs, etc. There are many musicians, artists and authors that receive over $25,000 a month on this site and I'm here trying to save the human race. If I reach $1000 per month, I can then focus my full attention on helping both people and the environment rather than wasting away my life making money to do these projects.

Your monthly donation is greatly appreciated. It will allow me to work at my optimal level of capability, completing my existing project objectives and also beginning [new] extraordinary projects in the future. Collectively, we will build a safe, healthy, sustainable and resilient global society. 

This is my international mission portfolio.

These are testimonies that I've received from the public.

Sincerely Alekz Londos of Advanced Disaster Relief; environmentalist, humanitarian, journalist and activist.

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