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Gamers are the ones that motivates me to play better!

Gamers will have a little bit of permission and is free to choose their nickname on discord! He/she will even have their own voice channel!

 Help me raise money for our tuition fee :( 

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About EphemerialG

A Filipino Student that enjoys playing competitive games and such. I am playing League of Legends on the GarenaPH servers and was gold(s/d) and platinum(flex) last season. I also play other games such as PUBG, CSGO, Fortnite, R6 etc.

This Patreon account is made so that I can help my family to earn money for our tuition fees. I promise that every donation is towards our future and the channel!

I would usually play with those who donated here! I'll post short vids and updates that are only accessible through Patreon! 
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When I reach this goal, I would have a subscriber/donator based game. I will personally talk to everyone for their help and play with the,
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