is creating Lewd illustration oppai oriented ^^
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  • Some milk from mumu chan!
  • Early access to my ecchi works in high quality
  • Ecchi wip and sketches

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  • A supply of milk from mumu chan!
  • All the hentai works i do during the month at HD quality
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  • All the benefit of the lower tiers
  • A barrel of milk from mumu chan!
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About Erebeta

I! if you can give me 1 minute i will explain to you my project!

The reason for this project of mine is that I would like to live by doing the thing i love to do the most, drawing Waifus.
Here on the page you will have access to my Hentai works, that will be exclusive to all supporters. If you want to be part of this project, know that your help will be fundamental to be able to carry out the entire thing. If one day I will by able to sustain myself from this passion of mine, I can assure you that the drawings will increase both in quality and in consistency.
At this moment I have a regular job that occupy about 11 hours a day and if I could invest all that time in this project it would be incredible, both for me and for you that appreciate my art, because you will find yourself with a mountain of new works available.
If you are still have doubts I will also leave you an image that shows you the progress in the drawing I did in 6 months (unfortunately, I didn't even had the time to do exercises, otherwise I believe it could even be better).

ahhh i was forgeting, all the donations will also help mumu chan with milk extraction!
wouldn't you like to help her?

$190 of $200 per month
this is my first goal!
i would like to invest some money to buy some new pc parts for having better performance while using photoshop.
for now i am planning to buy a new set: motherboard, cpu and ram.
any help would be great.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 102 exclusive posts