is creating Kinky Vore/Big Bellies Art

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Access to my Discord Server! Where you get early access to see: my finished works one to two months early! (This does not include Commissioned work!)

  • Higher resolution: Everything I post here on Patreon is in a higher resolution. (2500*????)
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The monthly vote will take place during first week of each month!

With this pledge you'll get:

  • Everything from Tier $2.
  • Access to Sketches and Work in Progress on my Discord Server. (200+)
  • Participate in the Monthly Sketch Poll here on Patreon, vote for which of my sketches you want me to finish.
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Warning! Adult Content! Be sure to be 18+ before joining!

Before Joining / For New Patreons:

I use the charge up front system as of 25/6! You will be charged when you become a patreon and then on the 1st the following month.

As of 23/8, I will only post my Vore art on my newly made Discord Server. Which everyone who pledges $2 or more will get access to!
Once you become a patreon you will be able to access my Patreon Discord server where I post my vore drawings, and where you can download all my previews work. How to join my discord server:

For the 2$ Tier the zip contains as of August 2019: 170 full color drawings. Most of them are already uploaded to my Ekas gallery or DA, but they are in lower resolution.

For the 5$ Tier the zip file also contains as of August 2019: 284 Sketches, 44 Colored Sketches and a few WIPs (18), some of which has become full color drawings by now.
You will also get access to a 4 page "mini comic" featuring Miranda Lawson from Mass Effect! (Mini Giantess Pred, F/F, On-screen Vore)

What can you expect:
I will draw Mostly F/F Vore. I might also throw in some expansion/pregnancy and other stuff too, but don't expect much of it.

How does the "Suggest a Character" work?

Once a month you can suggest a character you would like me to draw. It can be any character. I will pick One suggestion that I like and make it a colored sketch. When done, it will be added to the next month's "Sketch Poll" for sketches I should finish.

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