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Monthly tutorial with me where Christian spends 30 minutes (perhaps a bit more if time permits) giving you one on one training, support, or advice for any issues you may be facing with things like growing a YouTube channel, breaking into voice over, learning your new camera or a variety of other subjects. The session will occur on Discord and be completely private, additionally he will answer questions you have later on by means of text messing through discord. All rewards from previous tiers. 




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About Erickson Films

Erickson Films exists to create tech reviews, mainly dealing with production equipment, that combine high quality cinematic video production with crisp and clean audio. We are here to provide informative and entertaining videos for current and aspiring creators, to help them improve their content creation experience.
Additionally, other funds from this campaign will go towards increasing the production value of these videos, helping us purchase new audio/video equipment like new lights, lenses, microphones, cameras, etc; as well as more products to review.
Anything helps to help make this channel better and provides us motivation to continue. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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