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...But I thank you from the bottom left ventricle of my heart. (And that's my favorite chamber, you know, so it really means something.)

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Erik Burnham, here; I'm a writer and cartoonist currently rambling around the comic book industry. You may know me from my work on such comic books as IDW's Ghostbusters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Back To The Future, and Galaxy Quest, Dynamite's Red Sonja and KISS, or Marvel's Scarlet Spider. (By the way, it is my dear hope that you read that last sentence in the voice of Phil Hartman's Troy McClure.)

In any case, hello! Thanks for taking a moment to look in on my Patreon page. Let's talk a bit about that, shall we?

Why am I here?

Well, existentialism aside, there are three reasons. One is mercenary, one is creative, and one is social. Let's look at those in turn, shall we?

The mercenary one is easy: dollah dollah bills, y'all. Being a freelancer is not easy -- writing and art take time, the stress is high, the taxes are higher, and the pay is often slower than many jobs. But I love it still. And I want to do even more... and more money will always come in handy, allowing me to work on some of my own projects, lower stress, and help fill in any unforeseen potholes in my revenue stream. 

The creative one is also easy -- if left to my own devices, I may never find the time to work on my own projects -- and putting in place a Patreon means I have a ticking clock. Folks expecting to see something. It gives me a needed nudge to keep this metaphorical bus going faster than 55.

Finally, the social. Sure, I interact on Twitter or Facebook as much as everyone else, but that's friends and family as often as not. This would purely be interacting with folks over creative work that I'm producing.

What kind of creative work? Well, in between my other professional commitments I have a lot I aim to work on. Long term, I'd like to turn my attention to some prose, do some short stories with characters I haven't used for a while, and perhaps in the future, more comics stories. Your patronage will help me do this.

Right now, I'm starting off slow -- with a hodgepodge blog to start, with an eye towards the creation of some other projects, such as, hey, my first novel.  

Anyways, that explains my starting with the very limited tiers you see before you. I have a few more ideas... but I want to tailor things to my patrons' interests. Make your voice heard in the comment feed. We'll talk!

No matter what, as I said, your patronage will be what helps me continue to do the thing I love doing -- creating -- and it will allow me to expand towards the creation of more things. 

Thank you so much for dropping by to check this out; I appreciate the time. (But just so you know, if you pledged in, I'll appreciate you that so much more. For reals!)

And now... I'd better get back to work!

--Erik Burnham
Middle of Minnesota
15% complete
This unlocks "less stress for Erik." 

It also takes care of a couple of small bills a month, so... huzzah!

Should we make it this far, after my profound thanks, I'll add another goal! I'll also create an original new comic story, available to all blog-and-up patrons.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 258 exclusive posts
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