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About Erik Frankhouse Presents

My name is Erik Frankhouse and I've always loved three things; design, cartography and tabletop gaming. For years I just played at home with a close group of friends until my first time at gaming convention. My eyes were opened and I knew I wanted this to be even more.

With that said, I feel it's time to bring all my talent to bear into one place, patreon. I aim to create great tabletop adventures, maps and how-to videos for GMs and players alike. I then want to surround this in interviews with creators, artist, and designers in the industry. Plus, if you know me, there will be a few drinks to make it entertaining.

Be ready for changes because I like to shake things up!
Adding the first Micro-Setting to the Patreon starting at the Onlooker $1.00 tier and up. This will never be updated more than twice a month. 

Here is are links to peruse containing my maps, interviews and how to videos.

I'll take the ideas linked above and combine them into my Patreon. With your support and feedback I'll be able to design audio enriched maps. With low prep high quality adventures that I call Plotted Adventures. Along with releasing a Micro-Setting to play and build along with me.

As a patron you will only be paying for the 1 to 2 Plotted Adventures and 1 to 2 Micro-setting updates I release per month. Anything extra is on the house and just me trying to provide the best experience possible to the patrons.

To deliver this content I will be using patreon for the maps, adventures, settings and gaming aids which will be available here for download during your patronage. 

Plotted Adventures are individual episodes that will string together into a series like a TV show. These can be used to fill out a campaign you're currently running, for one shots or even a full campaign by itself. Plotted Adventures will be systemless to start but with the compiled PDFs I'll attach a system and release them on DrivethruRPG (Free for $5.00 and up).

When I run adventures I start with one of two things, a map or a plot web. Then I build one around the other to fill out an adventure.
  • NPC descriptions NPC name sheet and a quick personality with blank spots for notes as needed. 
  • Traps, Encounters or pivotal adventure information with an area to keep track of their use.
  • Small art cards that have images on the front and info on the back (once unlocked).
  • Most important SECRETS! Secrets make an adventure interesting and are the building blocks of a great story.
  • Encounters that are memorable and serve purpose to drive the story and not to hinder the fun.
All of this is aimed to fit onto two to four 11 x 17 or 8.5 x 11 front and back pages that you can ether print, or use in PDF form.

Layout is extremely important when aiming to keeping things simple and elegant. I personally hate studying to run an adventure. With most published content I find myself flipping through bad layouts that do not help but actually hinder fun, stalling the game constantly. Over the years I've developed a freeing way of running which is what PA is about.
  • Each Plotted Adventure will be laid out on 11 x 17 or 8.5 x 11 paper. Extra space to include as many notes as possible.
  • NPC's, encounters, traps, and other info will surround the map for quick reference. 
  • A larger, more detailed plot-web will be on a separate sheet so you can reference the map and web at the same time.
  • Blank space on the map will be used for GM notes, damage tracking, names, and PC info.
  • The last sheet will be cards that can be cut out with art on one side and info on the back (once unlocked).
  • Audio tracks will be uploaded to patron for download for quick GM notes, voice overs, sound effect and other possibilities.
Overall remember that these are made to be written on! Mark them up. Write notes all over them and share them with the Plotted Adventure community!

I remember getting a bite sized setting in every new Polyhedron Magazine and I missed those days. I wanted options and new things to run so I started creating my own settings to play in and never turned back. Each one of these Micro-Settings will be between 20-60 pages when finished. Hell if they are popular enough I may even turn them into full PDF products!

As patrons you will get access to the working google docs for the current setting I'm creating. They will be playable and if you back at the Onlooker and up, but at Explorer you will be able to comment!
  • You will get access to the google doc containing the new Micro-Setting at Onlooker and up.
  • There will be a vote on which Micro-Setting will be produced next.
  • At Explorer you will get access to comments in the doc.
  • If turned into a published PDF you will get a free digital copy at Explorer and up.

Patreon bills either your credit card or your Paypal account at the end of each month, and then sends me 95% of what they charge you (minus the transaction fee from Stripe, the credit card company).

Here is the process
  • You make sure you can afford to be a patron and want to be a patron - don't do this if it will put you in the hole.
  • You figure out how much you can afford to give per month.
  • You set that your pledge at 4 times a month.
  • I then release between 1 to 4 Plotted Adventures per month. Remember to set your max to 4 so you don't miss out!
  • If I release 4 Plotted Adventures in a month, you will be billed at the end of the month for the total of your pledge for that month x4. . So if I release only 1 Plotted Adventure that month, you will only be billed 1x your plege level. If I don't release a PA you will not be charged.
  • If your monthly pledge ends up under $1, it will not be billed and will instead roll over into the next month. 
Patreons like you make this possible!  Thank you and I hope you love what I create!
25% complete
I'll cut a work day from my regular schedule job to provide more content such extra gaming aids, maps, how to videos and of course FULL COLOR for each Plotted Adventure!

Plus I'll pick up an amazing six pack of beer and run an online one shot for the first 5 longest / highest backing patrons! I'll stream this for everyone to watch.
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